12 May

“Grey and Sharp” a free Lightroom preset.

“Grey and Sharp” a free Lightroom preset.
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I’m always looking for ways to draw in viewers to the personal nature of the subject instead bright clothing and distracting backgrounds, and also crisp up facial features without giving skin an unnatural smoothness. By creating a preset that desaturates most colors, but (mostly) leaves skin tones, you can get an otherworldly sharp crisp feeling without having to crank up “Clarity” too much. Just a touch of fixing on the eyes, and you are ready to move on.

DSC_6239-2 Original Photo as shot (except for crop)DSC_6239 Grey and Sharp applied 

I created a lightroom (v4) preset that does 90% of the work on this photo.  Quite like the look.  I’m calling it, “Grey and Sharp”.

Here’s the Lightroom preset if you want it.  Let me know if you like and use.

Grey and Sharp.lrtemplate


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